Sonya beauty: About, Terms & Conditions and FAQ
About Sonya’s Beauty

Sonya's Beauty Service offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow tattoos and shaping, relaxation facial treatments, body scrubs and full-body massages.

Sonya's years of experience and attention to detail allow her to create individualised looks suited to clients' eye shapes, lashes, facial features, and lifestyles.

From creating alluring and beautiful sets of lashes tailored to each client to designing the perfect eyebrow tattoo, there are plenty of options. A variety of other services are offered, including pain-relieving remedial professional body massages, calming facials, and more. These beauty services have been popular choices by many clients. She has long-standing networks with a large and loyal customer base.

About Sonya

Sonya is a passionate and professional beautician. She is known by her clients for her great attitude and giving her 100% best in her services. Her primary priority is ensuring that each treatment session guarantees client satisfaction where each client feels pampered, relaxed and the best version of themselves - which is her intrinsic reward.

Training and qualification

Sonya has a decade of experience as a professional beautician working in beauty salons and day spa settings. Her specialisations in the beauty industry include certified qualifications from ‘Australian Beauty School’ with specialisation in Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Shaping and Design. She has also been fully trained in both ‘Microshading Certification’ in China and ‘Microblading Certification’ in Australia. Sonya believes in continuous improvement and, therefore, endeavours to undertake ongoing training to keep up with growing trends and developments within the beauty industry. Upskilling and personal growth are significant to Sonya, as she strives to provide a striking balance of personalised and professional services to her clients to the highest standard.


  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours

  • Keep away from the steam room and sauna for 48 hours

  • Don't use oil-based products around the eye area

  • Don't rub your eyes

  • Brush lashes daily

  • No need to wear mascara

  • Stay on top of your refill routine
  • How long do lash extensions last and when do I have to schedule a refill?
    Eyelash extensions last for 6-8 weeks. Refill is recommended after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • How long does an eyebrow tattoo last?

    This would depend on the individual's skin type, On average tattoos last anywhere from 9 months to 18, and the average time before requiring a colour boost is 12 months.
  • Is cosmetic tattoo painful?
    Microshading is generally considered relatively pain-free. Obviously, everyone has a different pain threshold and the definition of pain varies from person to person.

    The treatment is done with anaesthetics. A numbing cream is applied to the brow area before any needling starts, and it’s left on for long enough to numb the area. This is usually between 30 to 50 minutes, although it depends on the formula. During the treatment, if the initial numbing wears off, more numbing can be added. This formula is different, though – it’s suitable for broken skin, so it works a lot faster.

    But besides the numbing, what makes the treatment relatively pain-free is the nature of the application. The needles go really shallow into the skin, and the needles are very thin. They enter the skin at a 90° angle, so they afflict minimal damage.
  • What are the benefits of relaxing facial treatment?
    Relaxing facial treatment improves blood circulation, makes your skin smooth and well-hydrated, and relieves stress. 
  • What's included in relaxing facial treatment?
    Relaxing facial treatment includes skin cleansing, optional eyebrow trimming, face massage using acupuncture techniques, moisturizing modelling mask, head massage, and shoulder + arm lymphatic drainage massage.